Shocker as teachers use dilapidated mud house as bungalow in Central Gonja

An indisputable information gathered by revealed that teachers at the Impotoso D/A primary school in Central Gonja District in the Savannah region use a dilapidated mud house as a teachers’ bungalow.

Our sources at the community revealed that there is two student mattresses in the dilapidated mud house which accommodates four teachers, hence, two teachers share and sleep on one student mattress.

Aside the delapidated teachers’ bungalow, there is no enough furniture in the school and this has compelled the pupils to seat five on a dual desk whilst others seat on the bear floor.

Our checks at the school also revealed that pupils in class two and class three sit in the same class to observe lessons which is affecting teaching and learning. The school is also confronted with lack of teaching and learning materials.

Although, the people in the Impotoso community vote in every elections there is no single government project in the community.

They lack basic amenities such as portable water, electricity and are also confronted with network challenges.

The Impotoso D/A primary school was built by the people in the community but it’s now been manage by the Ghana Education Service.

Source /Suhiyini Yakubu Abdul Mumin

You Can Contact Us Through :0547688711 /0506666346 /

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