Female students in Nchumuruman SHS chasing people’s husbands due to lack of dormitories

Students in NCHUMUMURUMAN SHS in the Krachi Nchumumuru District in the OTI Region are now chasing people’s Husband’s and wife’s due to lack of dormitories in the school.

The Director of Education for the Krachi Nchumumuru District, Mr.Benjamin Kwame has complained bitterly to the government of Ghana during an interview with ODEHYEBA OWUSU JOB (DJ FIRE) who works at ASASE FM at Kpandai in the northern Region that, his students lives are now in danger because of lack of dormitories for his students.

According to the acting headmaster and the Director of Education for the district, since the commissioning of the E-Block school Building by former president His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, the school lacks dormitories which is now a danger to his students especially the girls, because people from town always move in and out in the night to chase the girls and more to the point most of the students are staying in town and are now being chased by people’s husbands which is a threat to his students.

Nchumumuruman SHS

He said it is the community that was able to put up a three (3) room structure for the girls which is now accommodating about 600 students living the boys stranded.

He further explained to Owusu Job that, even the education directorate has no offices for their day to day activities as they are currently using the Community center as their office which they also share with the District Assembly which is a big worry to him.

He further explained bitterly that, even as the Director of Education for the District,he doesn’t even have Director’s quarters as he is currently living in one of the Staffs accommodation rooms which is a challenge for him.

During an interview with the students, they are also complaining bitterly that, even how to get a mini Dinning Hall is now a problem and for that matter they always seat on the floor to eat their foods which is causing more harm to their health.

One thought on “Female students in Nchumuruman SHS chasing people’s husbands due to lack of dormitories

  1. Is the school a day school or a boarding ?for the look of things the school look’s more a day school than a boarding so why forcing it to be a boarding.


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