Salwat health restoration hospital adjudged most promising herbal and spiritual centre of the year

Ghana’s leading herbal hospital, Salwat Health Restoration Hospital (SHRH) and its President, Dr. Rashid Hussain Salwat have been awarded by the West African Traditional and Alternative Medical Awards (WATAM).

AfricMedia Galaxy in collaboration with the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of Ghana (TMPC) and the American Botanical Council awarded SHRH for their qualification as the number one in West Africa.

On Saturday, 14th March, 2020 at the Alisa Hotel in Accra Ghana, Salwat Health Restoration Hospital was adjudged as THE MOST PROMISING HERBAL AND SPIRITUAL CENTER OF THE YEAR for its hard work, excellence, dedication and outstanding professionalism in the sector after 3 months of careful scrutiny and background research, from 26th, 28th and 30th December, 2019, to March, 2020, on the facility and healthcare delivery services.

The awards scheme sighted Salwat Health Restoration Hospital for its performance in operation, respect and good attitude towards regulatary bodies, very good staff attitude towards patients, ability to maintain old and new patients, standard facility and the availability of operational gadgets, etc, at the hospital.

Restoring the health of clients naturally, Salwat Health Restoration Hospital is set to ensure access to quality and excellent complementary and alternative health services that care for clients by restoring their health swiftly to appreciable levels with the vision; Client Safety, Security and Happiness.

In an interview with Dr. Rashid Hussain Salwat, he thanked the organisers of the West African Traditional and Alternative Medical Awards for the initiative to encourage excellence in the Traditional and Alternative Medicine sector by instituting such a prestigious award scheme.

Salwat Health Restoration Hospital’s mission is, Humanity First, Integrity and Trust. Salwat Health Restoration Hospital, has now become, The Most Promising Herbal and Spiritual Hospital in West Africa.

You Can Contact Us Through :0547688711 /0506666346 /

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