Protect yourself from deadly Covid-19… Chonke traditional area chief to residents

The Paramount chief of Chonke traditional area, Dasebre Nana Kwame Bonja Atamafowiesi ll has urged all his people in the Oti region as a matter of urgency to take the deadly COVID-19 very serious and protect themselves from it.

Dasebre Nana Kwame Bonja Atamafowiesi

The chief in an interview with Odehyeba Owusu Job (DJ FIRE) who works at ASASE FM in kpandai disclosed that the disease, as people see it is not a disease to joke with.

He said the disease can transmit into the human body through different channels such as handling of phones, counting of money, hand shaking, social gatherings, especially having body contact with someone who has been infected with the disease.

The chief is therefore advising the people of Oti region to always wash their hands with soap under running water and rub their hands with the hand sanitizer.

The chief further pleaded with all the sanitizer sellers to reduce the cost of it for to enable poor people to also get some to buy.

He continued that, the easiest way in determining to see if you have this deadly Corona virus is to always breath in for 10 seconds and breath out every morning.

He said in doing that, when you cough or feel uncomfortable in your body, then that shows that you are always closer to the disease and must seek doctors attention.

The chief is therefore appealing to the government of Ghana to provide him and his people the needed equipment in fighting this COVID_19 in his traditional area. /Odehyeba Owusu Job /Asase FM

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